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We are an Intentional Faith-Based Organization (FBO). We focus on the mindful application of BREATH to heal our Spirits. We apply breathwork, healing sounds, nutrition, environments, sacred plant medicines, and the mindful application of therapeutic presence.

Metta, is an ancient Pali word, defined as loving-kindness, it points to an attitude of universal love radiated to all living beings without discrimination. It is the light and presence of our being.

Finding Light and Presence with The Universe

We Are The Universe
microcosms within the macrocosm

Mettaverse audio      

We are focused on moving past the dogmas that can keep us apart. Theology and spirituality are bridges to a deeper consciousness and awareness.  Through our work together, we focus on the gifts of life, the breath as pathways to the present, and the sacraments as a window to our divinity.

We focus on creating a 

"safe space"

We provide spiritual guidance, teaching, meditation, and support for individuals, youth, and families, sharing in the ceremonies of life, births, deaths, and memorable moments.

Night Sky with Stars

Our Ministry & Sacraments

MettaTouch Ministry provides sacramental services that aid in spiritual growth and well-being, from prayer, meditation, and spiritual healing to commitment and marriage ceremonies, relationship counseling to death and dying services, sacred plant journeys, and integration. Our holistic approach honors the individual traditions of each participant while providing an emotionally safe space for exploration, connection, healing, closure, and growth across all areas of life.


Alan Watts, 9min audio

describes our philosophy

We are microcosms of potential, in a macrocosm of universal energy.


We are Intentional in Practicing the Art of Loving-Kindness as Spirits in Action 

Regardless of your path, the truth is the same.  We all hope to be seen, heard, recognized and appreciated for our uniqueness.  We all hope to have food, shelter, clothing, and someone we can love and be loved by, to be seen and appreciated for who we are. 

Our ministry focuses on these universal principles to honor and love yourself and others.  Through ongoing prayer, mindfulness and meditation, we seek to collectively elevate each other to be of greater service to whatever path we follow so that we may help others.

Night Sky



We believe in "Universal Consciousness," which honors and values the fundamental beauty and wisdom in ALL paths and traditions.


We believe there are many paths toward "God" (the ineffable universe, unknowable & unnamable).

We recognize that "God" is more significant than any religion and is more than a noun or a verb and that the breath of life, spirit, is in ALL breathing living things and ALL people. 


We acknowledge that we are all created in a fantastic variety of ways - we come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, with different needs and tastes.


We believe that it is not the form of religious practice that is important but the spiritual intent that underlies it.

Our "Universal Conscious" path strives to promote genuine respect for all the diverse paths.  Respect differs from tolerance, for tolerance implies merely putting up with something you find disagreeable, whereas respect involves valuing and appreciating something for its true nature. 


This does NOT mean we advocate blending all religions into one great big super-religion. The motto of "Universal Consciousness" is "Never instead of... Always in addition too." Many of the people in "Universal Consciousness" are devout followers of a particular path. We believe that all people deserve refuge and compassion and are worthy of wisdom that sits, listens, sees, and honors the unique differences in us all.

Our actual journey in life is to learn LOVE and FORGIVENESS. We believe that anyone who practices loving kindness and compassion honors the divine. 


In short, the philosophy of  MettaTouch is best summed up in the Hindu saying, "For those in whom Love dwells, all the world is one family." 

Keith Fiveson, MDiv, Interfaith Minister
Spiritual Director

Reverend Keith W. Fiveson, M.Div, CASAC, CARC, is an IPI/MAPS-trained, Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider (PATP), Founder of Work Mindfulness, and Spiritual Director of Mettatouch. He is a mindfulness-based integrative health and wellness coach. He is passionate about harm reduction, misuse, and helping people reach their highest potential and achieve their desired aspirations for their benefit and the benefit of mankind. 

Reverend Keith attended the New Seminary for his MDiv and was ordained at St. John the Divine in 2003. He continued as a celebrant. His experience shaped his Universal Interfaith perspective as a Judeo, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, and Quantum Cosmologist.  Click the button below to see a more complete bio.

What’s Available

Sunday Morning Community - SUMMER 2023 OFF
Meditation | Prayer |

We Are One & Together We Are All

On Sunday mornings, our Community members gather to share, meditate and celebrate the diversity of their lives, experiences, and beliefs.  This service might include readings from different religious texts, breathing, prayers, chants, or meditations from various traditions and music that reflects the spiritual nature of the gathering.  The goal is to provide a space for people of all faiths to come together and experience the shared connection of worshipping.

2019 Sri Lanka Pilgramage.jpg

Contemplative Studies Program, Sri Lanka, 2019

The stars and the galaxy are a source of mystery and fascination for many people. They have been used as symbols of power and guidance for centuries. We explore the myths and legends surrounding these celestial objects and the science of astronomy and astrology. 

Spirituality is at the heart of the Mettatouch Community. Our programming is designed to help people of all faiths explore their spirituality and connect with others who share their beliefs. We invite you to join our ministry by volunteering your time and sharing your ideas. You can help us plan and lead programs promoting understanding and respect for all faiths. We can create a community that celebrates our differences and collaborates in spirituality. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Rev. Keith.

Thank you for your support!


“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff”.
– Carl Sagan

We are energy bodies dancing with the cosmos, attracting that which we put attention to.

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