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we must be the change we wish to see in the world...

Mahatma Gandhi

Death, Dying, Grief And Bereavement

When faced with mortality, we all react in different ways. Most people hope for a "good death," however they may define it. There are many books which are available to help you approach death mindfully and plan for end-of-life care in a systematic way.

My work is focused on outreach programs working with individuals/senior citizens, who are asking these questions.  What happens when I die?  How do I prepare?  Will I go to heaven?  What have other people experienced?  Why me?  All of these questions are addressed as we address death and dying, grief and bereavement.

Walking through the door...

Prayer and meditation are the keys to focusing our energies as we move through one door of our lives to another, be it death or moving on the road back to recovery and wholeness from loss.  We can look at our lives and the changes that we have or will experience as powerful things. 

The ways that grief or death works in our lives do not make much sense to us—it does not seem logical at all when we think that we will recover or "go-on". Nevertheless, there is hope, even in the midst of people or situations that may seem absolutely ridiculous and odd.  In the context of grief and death there are no rules! No one person grieves or dies in exactly the same way. We all grieve and die differently, as we live.

It is my job to help you walk through the door of this life, from loss to change, from life to death.  We will look at "re-birth" and empower your spirit to move forward.