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Interfaith Weddings

If you've gotten to this web site to look at how I might help you with your wedding, let me first say congratulations on taking the first step! This is a lifelong commitment. It's an opportunity to grow, as you will be greater with each other than you were alone

This is a celebration like no other. You need it to be sweet and simple, yet deep and meaningful. Sure, this is an exciting and fun time, but it can also be overwhelming. Let me assist you.

People from all around the world are coming together. We come to see that we share a spirit for life, in a world that is becoming increasingly global in scope.

Maybe you have found, through a chance meeting or some other invitation, someone that you wish to now commit your life to. This love may be with someone of a different culture, race or religion?  Now you want to formalize this love...

This should be a cause for joy with family and friends gathering to celebrate a union. But sometimes it can be fraught with tension, and even bad feelings, as people try to create a new life from different family backgrounds and beliefs.  With an Interfaith Marriage we bring together the cultures and experiences.  As an Interfaith Minister I perform weddings in the Metropolitan New York area and in most states throughout the USA. From my experience, there are more intermarriages than ever before. The growth of our society, the melding of cultural beliefs and spiritual practices is an opportunity for growth and celebration.  

If you are considering a marriage or commitment ceremony, I may prove helpful. I strive to celebrate the union of two traditions rather than to impose conditions which the couple must satisfy. I believe that couples can come to view their respective religious traditions as springboards into a shared life. To celebrate the spirit of love, shared values and spirit. The past is honored, the present valued and the future is regarded with hope and promise. As an Ordained Minister, with deep faith in my fellow man, I affirm your right to make significant life choices freely and intelligently. I regard humanity and encourage the realization of free play and thought.

I recognize that couples contemplating marriage have already joined their lives together on one level, and are blessed already by the divine. I can only offer offer insight into the process and be a facilitator of the relationship. Often couples face bitter obstacles which love alone cannot erase. A quandary exists as to how best to respond to an insensitive, even hostile environment. Some couples question the wisdom and prudence of their heartfelt decision to marry. Some couples elect to move to another place where the expectation is that a less judgmental culture will prove more conducive to raising children of a mixed marriage.

Counseling sessions, which are sometimes recommended before a wedding regardless of their religion, offer a good opportunity for a bride and groom to not only learn about the others religion, but to also consider ways to merge traditions or celebrations during the marriage.