Mettatouch - The Touch of Loving Kindness

we must be the change we wish to see in the world...

Mahatma Gandhi

We are ONE...

I believe in the "Interfaith Spiritual Philosophy", which honors and values the fundamental beauty and wisdom in ALL religious traditions. I believe that there are many paths to the God of our own understanding, and that all are valid and worthy of respect. As there are many languages, we are all created in an amazing variety of ways - we come in all sizes, shapes and colors and with different needs and tastes. Some people will be best nourished by one type of food while others will thrive best on something different. So, too, will different people be nourished spiritually by different traditions. I believe that it is not the form of religious practice that is important, but the spiritual intent that underlies it. I and many others recognize that God is more of a verb than a noun, that the "light" is in all things and in ALL people. To quote an old Jewish saying "God is like a mirror. Whoever looks in it will see a different face." 

Interfaith strives to promote true respect for all the diverse paths to God. Respect is different from tolerance for tolerance implies merely putting up with something you find disagreeable, whereas respect involves valuing and appreciating something for it own true nature. 

This does NOT mean that we advocate blending all religions into one great big super-religion. The motto of Interfaith is "Never instead of .... Always in addition too." Many of the people in Interfaith are devout followers of a particular path. We have ordained Protestant ministers, priests, rabbis, Buddhist monks and nuns, just to name a few. There are also people who have no formally designated path. 

Our true journey in life is to learn LOVE and FORGIVENESS. I believe that whenever anyone practices kindness and compassion they honor the divine. This is the essence of Metta..

In short, the philosophy of Interfaith is best summed up in the Hindu saying "For those in whom Love dwells, all the world is one family."